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The third edition of the international Wine Future 2021 summit has come to an end after four days of lively talks between professionals from very different fields. Nearly 100 speakers took part last week in a congress that, for the first time, has had to transfer from a physical location, as it did in Logroño and Hong Kong, to a virtual one, in the midst of the pandemic that is sweeping the world.

Today we publish in Guía Peñín 2022 the ratings of more than 240 wines from the producing areas of Mancha (188 wines) and Valdepeñas (55 wines), two areas of great importance in wine production, Mancha for its status as a great vineyard of the World and Valdepeñas for its historical past as a supplier of wines to the capital of Spain. A past that, on the other hand, seems to remain what it was, the past, as Valdepeñas is currently engaged in an internal battle that is undermining the very foundations of the appellation. 

The debate is on: does wine and cheese go well together? There has been much discussion on the subject for decades, and the famous expression "don't let them fool you with cheese" does not leave the pairing of these two foods in a very good place, especially with red wine.

Everything is ready for Wine Future to begin tomorrow, an appointment which is in its third edition and which, through a series of conferences, will seek to find answers to some of the most evident concerns facing the wine sector. Exceptionally, this 2021 edition will take place online via Zoom and will connect, from Tuesday 23 February to Friday 26 February, different parts of the world.

By now, we believe that no true winelover would question the fact that the wines of El Marco de Jerez are among the best wines in Spain. Proof of this can be found in the evaluations obtained by these wines in the recently launched online Peñín Guide 2022 and in the impressions of the tasting team, which you can read in two articles.  However, today we will address the most hedonistic aspect of these wines, that is, the best way to preserve, serve and consume them to enjoy their organoleptic qualities to the fullest.